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Physical Education Program

Basketball HoopAll students, K-5, participate in physical education class twice weekly. Physical activity teaches students the physical cognitive and social skills necessary to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Goals and Objectives
To develop a healthy and fit lifestyle through a mostly non-competitive, alternative style of programming which is rich in cooperative, group orientated activities, suited to building self-esteem. To increase a student’s proficiency in reading, writing, organizational skills, study methods and research skills through the medium of Physical Education.

Integration of Subject Matter
Reading, writing, study methods, research, library skills and computer skills are an integral part of the Physical Education Curriculum. We believe in education the whole student through physical activity combined with academic skills.

Instructional Methods

  • A combination of teacher instruction, using the method of explanation, demonstration and participation along with peer teaching with heavy emphasis on group cooperative learning methods.
  • Pre-class, self-motivated activities for individual development are provided each class period.
  • Group warm-ups, teacher and student led, are conducted before each class. Alternative, non-competitive, fun and challenging activities are presented each class along with instructional period of time for aerobic and anaerobic recuperation.

Subject Area Detail for All Grades (unless noted):

  • Individual small and medium ball handling skills (Grades K-4)
  • Fitness and strength development and flexibility methods 
  • General soccer instruction and skill games
  • Relays, games and gross motor movement development
  • Cooperative activities, problem solving and adventure ropes challenge
  • Endurance, fitness development through jogging
  • Dance, rhythm, and aerobics
  • Volleyball instruction and games (3-5)
  • Basketball instruction and games (3-5)
  • Football instruction and games (3-5)
  • Lacrosse instruction and games (3-5)
  • Swimming instruction (grade 4 only)
  • Softball and baseball, lead up activities, instruction and games
  • Individual and small group free choice activities.
  • Ballroom dance instruction (grade 5 only)

Let’s Move
Our gymnasium is open before school allowing students additional physical education time prior to school. This incorporates a mentoring element, having our 4th and 5th grade students mentor the K-3 students.