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The Baldwin Primary Team is using the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space Curriculum developed by TERC of Cambridge, MA. This curriculum compliments our belief that students learn best by experiencing concepts. Investigations provide many hands- on experiences for children.

 Studying MathThe topics are:

  • How Many of Each?
  • Making Shapes and Designing Quilts
  • Solving Story Problems
  • What Would You Rather Be?
  • Fish Lengths and Animal Jumps
  • Number Games and Crayon Puzzles
  • Color, Shape, and Number Patterns
  • Twos, Fives, and Tens
  • Blocks and Boxes

In all investigations, children spend time exploring, in depth, finding more that one solution to many solutions of the problem that they work on. They also spend time inventing their own strategies rather that relying on memorized procedures. The children choose a variety of materials and appropriate technology, including calculators as a part of their everyday mathematical work. They also express their mathematical thinking through writing, drawing and talking. In addition, the children work in a variety of groupings, whole class, pairs, small groups, and individually. Students have many opportunities to learn and practice skills.

Children use many different mathematical tools and materials such as interlocking cubes (multilinks), pattern blocks, and geoblocks. In addition, children play mathematical games, solve problems, investigate problems; chart survey results and create their own designs, buildings and constructions. They also engage in critical thinking by explaining their strategies and using pictures, numbers and words to show their work and process.