The science department provides the following kits:

Children observe, record and predict the weather. They learn to read a thermometer, and how to record and compare temperatures. They experiment with different kinds of fabrics and decide which are best for different kinds of weather. Children make rain/snow gauges, measure wind speed and observe puddles and evaporation. Children observe clouds and classify them.

Balls and Ramps
Children classify,compare, describe and sketch different balls. Children observe how balls roll, how fast, how far and when and why they bounce. During this unit, children create their own balls and predict their performance on ramps. Children build ramps and roadways as well as discover how and incline affects speed and distance of rolling balls.

Living Things
Children use their senses to explore the world around them. Children discover what a living thing needs in order to survive in its environment. Children plant seeds and predict what will happen. Predictions are logged in a science notebook.

In addition to the science kits, science centers around the curiosity of the children in the class. They are encouraged to investigate, experiment, explore, guess and ask questions. They will observe the changes in everyday life such as seasonal tree changes. The CitySprouts garden and field trips will supplement the in-class Science learning opportunities.