Fifth Grade Math

Investigations Curriculum by TERC
Students will demonstrate an understanding of positive integer powers of 10, and understanding of place value through millions, represent and compare large and small positive numbers in various forms including expanded notation, demonstrate an understanding of fractions as a ratio of whole numbers, as parts of unit, as parts of a collection, identify and determine common equivalent fractions, compare and order whole numbers, positive fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents, apply the theory of concepts of common factor, common multiple and divisibility rules, and demonstrate an understanding of concepts of prime and composite numbers.

Students will learn how parentheses affect expressions and understand the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction as well as how to simplify computation and solve problems.

We will solve problems involving proportional relationships using concrete models including tables and graphs and interpret graphs that represent the relationship between two variables in everyday situations. 

Finally, we will learn about spatial relationships, transformations and symmetry, techniques and tools to determine measurements, data collection, statistical methods, inferences and predictions and probability.