Fifth Grade English

Literacy is divided into reading workshop and writing workshop. This will give us the opportunity to appropriately focus on both of these skills through daily lessons.

Reading Workshop
During Reading workshop we will concentrate on reading skill and reading endurance through a variety of methods.

Shared reading: We will spend 10 to 20 minutes two to three classes a week reading together. This will give us the opportunity to discuss reading strategies, literary devices and common ways we get confused while reading. Throughout the year we will use picture books, poetry, and short stories for these lessons.

Independent class reading: Students will have the opportunity to choose the books they will read during the independent reading time, unless they need to work on their small group reading books. Occasionally books will be recommended to match students up with books at their reading level and in which they are interested. Students will read individually, fill out reading journals to practice reading strategies developed during shared reading.

Small group reading: Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups with a teacher for focused instruction on the reading strategies and literary elements that are discussed during shared reading. Students will be matched in a variety of ways during small group reading with the hope of deepening the reading skills through discussion. As they read these books, they will write down the ideas that they would like to discuss about the text.

Sharing: At the end of each reading session, students will have the opportunity to share what they were reading and some of their thoughts on the reading.

Home reading: Each school night, students will be required to read for 30 minutes and fill out a reading journal, including an adult signature.

Home writing: Each week kids will work on a drafting a writing assignment of their choice, based on something we have been reading that week.
Writing Workshop
Students will have five days of Writing Workshop. We will focus on getting our students inundated with the writing process through a variety of methods. Students will choose what to write about as long as it is within the genre. Students will explore many of their ideas, with some of their ideas culminating in finished products. The year will begin with Memoir. Other genres could include persuasive essays, short fiction and poetry.

Mini-lessons: We will begin each day with a mini-lesson designed to inspire ideas, focus writing and improve specific skills. This will be an opportunity to expose students to many examples of great writing as well as improve specific writing skills that are missing.

Independent writing time: After each mini lesson, students will have the time to work on their own writing. They will choose what to write about based on their interests, but within the writing genre we are studying. During this time the teachers will have the opportunity to conference individually with students to help them with their writing. Students will also have the opportunity to conference with their peers.

Share time: The last 5-10 minutes of class will be time for students to share some of their struggles and successes.